Looking for a dragon costume for your infant or toddler this Halloween?  Look no further – we’ve got lots of ideas and information for you.

Toddlers just love dragons (and dinosaurs), and look absolutely adorable in the costumes.  Here are a few choices for you.

Sizing Note:  Most of these costumes run small, so generally order one size bigger than usual.

Dragon with scalesDragon Infant/Toddler Costume

This cute little dragon has wings, horns, a tail, and scales!

There are three parts to this costume – a jumpsuit body with attached wings, tail, and footies or shoe covers, depending on the size; a hood with large eyes and plush horns, and mitts complete with talons.

Available in these sizes: Infant (6-12 mo), Infant (18-24 mo), and toddler (2T-4T).  Reviews say the costume tends to run small, so order a size bigger than usual.

The fabric is polyester, and can be hand-washed.

Dragonsaurous CostumePlush Dragon

This dragon is a little more fanciful or cartoon-like – soooo cute!

Costume is one piece – a jumpsuit with attached headpiece.  The one-piece design makes for very easy on and off.

Sizes available are Toddler 2-4.  Reviewers report that it runs quite small – the Toddler 2-4 size was too small for some children who normally wear 3Ts.  Here are the costume measurements:

Chest: 26″
Waist: 28″
Height: 32.5″ (From the inside of the top of the hood to the bottom cuff of the costume leg)
Inseam: 9″

Fabric (exclusive of trim) is polyester, and can be hand washed.

Flying with Wings Under Arms “Flying” Dragon

This is for the toddler who want to be a dragon, but not a “cute” dragon.  It has wings under the arms so he can practice flying.

Costume includes jumpsuit with attached tail and sheer yellow wings that hang from the sleeves, and a matching hood.

Available in Toddler sized 2T and 3T-4T.  2T measurements: waist 22″, hips 20″, inseam 16″, sleeve 12.5″.  3T-4T measurement: waist 28″, hips 23″, inseam 18″, sleeve 13.5″

Fabric is 100% Polyester

Infant/Toddler TriceratopsInfant or Toddler Dinosaur Costume - Triceratops

Although technically a dinosaur and not a dragon, this costume was too cute not to include here!

Costume consists of a jumpsuit with attached booties (6/12 mo size) or foot covers (2T/4T size), a hood with horns, and mitts.

Available in sizes 6/12 months, 18/24 months, and 2T/4T.  Measurements not available.

Fabric is Polyester.

About Dragons

Dragons have been part of mythology since time immemorial.  Especially popular in eastern cultures, chinese dragons, japanese dragons, and korean dragons all have their special characteristics.  Mythical dragons may have been inspired by real-life creatures such as the Komodo Dragon.  More recently, the DreamWorks 3D movie “How To Train Your Dragon” inspired a new generation of kids to seek out dragon lore.