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Coconut Oil: A Natural Yeast Buster!
Why Coconut Oil? Candida yeast is a fungus.  That's why anti-fungal medications are used to treat yeast infections.  However, prescription anti-fungal medications can have negative side effects, including stomach upset, headaches, and skin rashes.  At worst, they can affect your liver and kidney function, which are so important for detoxification. Two of the most powerful natural anti-fungals [...]
What Is Candida?
An Overview Of This Yeast Infection Causing Organism You are probably familiar with yeast infections or fungal infections. They are so common, it is likely you or someone you know has had one. Candida is the organism responsible for most yeast infections. An infection caused by this organism is called Candidiasis. So what is Candida? By David Castillo Dominici ( What is [...]
Getting Rid of a Candida Yeast Infection
Yikes! You have a Candida yeast infection and need to get rid of it as soon as possible. By photostock ( Not only is it itchy, painful and smelly, but it is also wreacking havoc on your social life. What are you going to do? Before you rush out and buy the first anti-fungal cream that you can find, try to understand what is causing your yeast infection first. You will [...]
Treating Candida Symptoms with Non-Prescription Drugs
If you are trying to get relief for a yeast infection, then this means that you have a nasty overgrowth of the Candida fungus within your intestines that has gotten out of whack. You want to find relief for the nasty Candida symptoms that you have. A yeast infection will normally materialize by making your vaginal area very red and itchy. It will also cause you to have a vaginal discharge that takes [...]
What Causes Candida Fungus to Grow Out of Control?
Every woman will probably have to endure the pain and embarrassment of getting a yeast infection at least once. Most women get yeast infections from time to time. They can become quite nasty because they have a bad smell, a discharge that looks like cottage cheese and are very hard to get rid of.  Getting a yeast infection is not something that you should feel embarrassed about. It just means that [...]
Candida Cleanse
Candidiasis – this is the medical term for yeast infection, said term of which means an infection arising from the overgrowth of Candida albicans, a fungi common in the digestive tract. Its symptoms may not be life-threatening but these can be cause for concern, said symptoms of which include itchy sensations in the genital area, odorless genital discharge, and reddish skin. Fortunately, candidiasis [...]
Candida Diet Recipes: Some Delicious Samples
Many people on the Candida Diet think that it involves bland and boring food similar to a weight loss fad diet. But the idea is so far removed from reality, which is proven by even a quick browse through Candida Diet recipes! You just have to make a 180-degree turn when it comes to eating your favorite sweet, starchy and salty foods since these have been proven to worsen yeast infection symptoms. Easy [...]
How Candida Overgrowth Affects You
Candida overgrowth is linked to several chronic medical conditions such as sinus infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, colon disorders, fibromyalgia and persistent mouth sores. Overgrowth of this organism is also seen in people who take antibiotics. Once Candida is established, it is difficult to get rid of. It leaves you feeling fatigued, bloated and run down. Candida is normally a harmless fungus [...]
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